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As one of the most diverse regions in the world, the Indian Subcontinent has so much to offer the discerning traveller. In India, walk the streets of any city and you’ll find a dizzying array of languages, food and culture that few countries can boast. Meanwhile, Bhutan is a spiritual haven where ancient monasteries cling to cliffs and happiness is a measure of wealth. Then, who can forget the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ – Sri Lanka – a destination that has been charming travellers with its ancient cities, tropical interior, idyllic palm-fringed beaches, tea plantations and friendly people for centuries. Across the continent you will meet tigers, elephants, leopards and exotic wildlife the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It is a place so diverse that knowing the do’s and don’ts of travelling there can be daunting without the right guidance.

That’s where we step in.

Our countless years of experience sending clients to this wild destination and visiting yearly ourselves means that we are true experts in providing you with all of the essential information that you will need for your journey. Below you will find our country specific pre-departure documentation that should answer most of your questions relating to travel to this faraway destination. Though if you cannot find answers to your questions in the links provided you can always contact us for more information.

Sri Lanka Pre-Departure Information

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Sri Lanka Pre-Departure Information

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