The land that time forgot


Captivating history and unique cultures

Ethiopia is an awe-inspiring and intriguing forgotten land. Sitting at the apex of the Great Rift Valley, its story begins in pre-history with the emergence of early human-ape homins including the famous ‘Lucy’.  More recently, Ethiopia’s history is laden with the treasures of great empires including ancient tombs and obelisks, pre-Christian temples and 2000 year old rock-hewn churches, some teetering on top of remote mountain spires. It boasts the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any African country and is the only one never to have been colonised.

The landscapes are no less dramatic, and the Simien Mountains are arguably the most spectacular mountain range in Africa, if not the world, providing tremendous trekking and unique wildlife encounters. Meanwhile the Danakil Depression is the lowest, hottest, most inhospitable place on earth yet is home to the Afar people who travel in great camel caravans to cut salt from the earth. In the north you’ll see Arabic influence at every turn, while the south is home to some of Africa’s most fascinating tribes, including the Mursi who are famous for their lip plates.

With an unfathomable history spanning millennia, staggering natural beauty and some of the kindest, proudest and most fascinating people on the planet, Ethiopia is like nowhere else on earth.

You Will Love

  • Staggering natural beauty at every altitude
  • The Tribes of the Omo Valley and the Afar of the Danakil
  • Being way off the beaten track – a real adventure
  • The unique, iconic wildlife
  • Countless UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Unfathomable history spanning millennia

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Exellent and wonderful, reaching way above expectations.

Elizabeth Mackintosh

Julia you did a fantastic job - everything was first class. Well organised, efficient and stress free. We all agreed it was the best holiday we've ever had. Cant wait to travel with CSC again.

Milford family

We are so happy we put our trust in CSC, we had an amazing adventure and would recommend them to anyone.

Kim & Brad Balance

The trip exceeded my expectations and was the best family holiday I have ever had. Our children simply loved it and now I know more about African wildlife than they do about our own farm animals.

Rowntree family

Classic Safari are the people who genuinely know other culture and offer incredible insight to perfectly meet your expectations.

Melanie McMillan & Iain Jones

We loved it all. Our son wants to go back tomorrow. We would ALL go back again!

Laurence & Remi Cunningham

An amazing experience - the best family holiday we have ever had. We were extremely impressed by the meticulous attention to our itinerary. I can't speak highly enough of all the elements of this exciting journey!

Sheryl & Robert Taylor

Thank you for making our trip to Africa so spectacular. The attention to detail really made it special. It really was the trip of a lifetime.

Paul Cozzi

Very knowledgeable and patient. Our trip was all that we hoped for. Wonderful!

Jane & Robert Happell

Everything was perfect! Advice and information on destinations and activities hit everything I had hoped to experience. I contacted the Classic Safari Company upon recommendation and have now, in turn, recommended to others.

Tim Bradley

You can't improve on perfection. I had my best birthday and holiday with my family celebrating my 80th birthday in Africa. Everything that Julia organised was perfect and the whole trip was a highlight!

Buckingham Family

The trip of a lifetime, couldn't have dreamt of a better adventure if I tried.

Emma Jeffcoat

Absolutely everything was first class & so well organised.

Simon & Jackie Adams

Classic Safari Company has done it again! A unique experience that ticked all the boxes - wildlife, culture and dining experience. A dream come true!

Ros Wheeler

Their experience and knowledge of Africa is evident and we couldn't have been happier with the total package. This has given us a taste for Africa - now we are ready for more.

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If you want the most sensational experience in Africa let Julia and the staff at Classic Safari Co plan it for you! Their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for their job means your every wish will be fulfilled.

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Classic Safari is the place to go to for "top end" adventure travel.

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Classic Safari Company were brilliant - 10/10

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The Classic Safari Company is the best I have dealt with. Extremely knowledgeable & professional, friendly, patient & understanding of first timers to Africa.

Annette Whiley

It certainly was the best trip we have EVER had. The experiences were mind blowing.  We want everyone we know to experience Africa - the animals, the people - magical.

Jo-anne & Dean Mifsud

Would do it all again and not change a moment. Best holiday ever!

The McGowan Tribe

An absolutely fantastic travel company - every one of the many trips they have organised for us over 22 years have been faultless and fabulous.

Judith & Roger Williams

Ethiopia blew me away. Our local guide was a gentleman – perfect English, a kind soul and ex-university lecturer so he really knew his stuff. The whole journey went like clockwork - even losing my passport didn't phase him! - and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

Ella Kiddell

Thank you for recommending we head to the Simien Mountains when we did. We got there just after the rains and the whole place was carpeted in wild flowers. Stunning. Watching the gelada baboons playing in all that colour was amazing.

Sam Collins

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